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Mr. Ravi

05th Nov 2015

Would Mr. Ravi ever recover from these wrong turns in his Stroke treatment?
When Mr. Ravi, 62 yrs, a diabetic with blood pressure, developed mild weakness in the left side of his body, his family did not realise that a stroke was setting in. They took him to the nearest Nursing home which neither had the facilities nor understood the need for quick treatment. They advised a CT scan at a scanning centre, 8 kms away. Mr. Ravi got weaker, drowsy & finally lost consciousness at the centre. It was only then that his family panicked & rushed him to MIOT International. Why did they wait? Like most of us, they were unaware that a Stroke can damage our brain completely in a very short time, without correct treatment.

How did Mr Ravi go from ‘weak’ to ‘unconscious’?
A clot had stopped blood flow to Mr. Ravi’s brain, and it first affected oxygen supply to the brain cells controlling movement and his movements got weak. As time passed, it affected cells controlling consciousness, which made him drowsy and then unconscious. Without timely treatment, a stroke affects various centres in our brain reducing us to an irreversible, vegetative state.

At MIOT, advanced imaging gives the complete picture
Mr. Ravi got to MIOT quite late – it had been 3 hrs since his symptoms had started. However, our specialists used advanced CT scans with perfusion studies and angiography, available at very few centres, to get the correct status. In just 8 minutes they knew the location and extent of the block and could predict areas of further damage if blood flow to his brain wasn’t restored quickly. This prompt and invaluable data allowed them to draw up the correct Treatment Plan despite the time lost.

Mechanical Thrombectomy, an advanced procedure used by leading centres worldwide with a 79% success rate, was performed to reverse damage.

Racing against time to restore blood flow
Mr. Ravi was shifted quickly to our dedicated NeuroCath lab, where our renowned Neuro Endovascular specialist got to work. Within minutes, he had accessed the blocked blood vessel. Then, using a special microcatheter and a stent retriever, he trapped and removed the clot causing the block. Blood flow restored, our patient was transferred to the dedicated Stroke Unit for further treatment.

A remarkable recovery
Mr. Ravi’s recovery was indeed remarkable. At the end of one week, 40% movement had returned to the side affected by his stroke. He was discharged and continued physiotherapy at home under instructions from doctors at MIOT. Two weeks later, he had made a 90% recovery and was up and about! A result rarely seen among such severely affected patients.