V. Narayanan

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V. Narayanan

17th Jun 2021


The Managing Director

Dear Sir,

I was admitted in your hospital as I was diagnosed with COVID Positive. First two days due to medications, I was in treatment and resting. Later on, once I started feeling better, I observed the activities inside the ward from dawn to dusk. Please read below my words of appreciation for your doctors, medical and service staff.

I would like to start with the nurses who did a wonderful job – their tasks a plenty including frequently monitoring oxygen levels /BP, administering injections and giving medicine at appropriate intervals. The night duty nurses too tirelessly did their job of recording the files, preparing medicine requirement  for all patients and also attending to any needs of patients in the midnight without murmur. I appreciate their dedication and kindness and I believe that it certainly put many patients in the path to quicker recovery.

Likewise, the janitorial service staff did their job splendidly with a smile on their faces – whether it was replacing linens, cleaning the various surfaces three times a day, removing the wastes and appropriately depositing the same outside the ward. Most of them obliged the patients who are unable to move on their own, put them in wheel chairs and brought them back to their beds – all executed with mild manners !

Onto catering, the staff enquired the patients need or taste of food and served them neatly in packed containers. The catering supervisor visited and enquired patients comments about food quality and made changes if necessary the very next day. All food was served on time without disturbing the other medical activities connected to the patients.

Regarding the key medical staff, the physiotherapist made regular visits, checked oxygen levels and advised patients appropriately. Duty Doctor checked patients case files and changed medications if needed. The doctors made regular morning visits at 10 am or so, enquiring the patients and encouraging them. When the team of doctors visited, each one of them discussed the patients conditions and advised the nurses to be cautious while attending on them. The PRO of the ward kept in touch with family contacts and updated the conditions of the patient which makes family members feel easy at home.

Proper instructions are given in advance to take the patients for CT scan with the help of a nurse. The willingness of such staff seem immediate, instinctive and tireless . Hats off to them!

In conclusion, I found the hospital administration is well thought of at this critical and crucial situation. As they say, service to mankind is equivalent to service to God! That way my sincere thanks and appreciation to you, your staff and the entire medical fraternity.

Wishing you all the best and let your services continue for humanity.

V. Narayanan