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My elder son T.Harish Lakshman aged 10 years was admitted in your esteemed Hospital on 11th of Jan\’12 for severe vomiting in the last few days…

My father in law (Senior Journalist in a leading daily) suggested MIOT Hospitals as he\’s well aware of the innovative treatments&Surgeries performed at MIOT…

We approached Dr.Srinivasan (Paediatrician) to treat my son… We submitted all the previous reports done at a different hospital and expressed our concern…

Few tests have been done and the results displayed normal. However, the Vomiting was not getting stopped. The intensity of vomiting increased and were all worried about the seriousness of the illness. Adding to it, there was an unbearable pain over the abdomen as well.

When things were looking very dark, Dr.Srinivasan suggested a CT Scan of abdomen & came out with a perfect diagnosis suspecting MALROTATION OF MIDGUT VOLVULUS… (I may be wrong in expressing the exact Medical terminology)… The intestine twist had changed to blue colour… Hence, an emergency surgery was suggested… All other tests were done at lightning speed…

Dr.Raghavan (Paedatric Surgeon) performed the surgery. The surgery lasted for about 3 hrs and only when the doctors came out, we realised the fact that the case was really life threatening… Even an half hr delay could have proved fatal.

Here is where, we sincerely want to appreciate MIOT Hospitals, Dr.Srinivasan, Dr.Raghavan and the entire crew for saving my son\’s life. As mentioned earlier, the initial treatment was done at a different Hospital and the case was not diagonised properly… Not to find fault with any other institution, but only to express our strong view and the fact that MIOT Hospitals can always do the right thing at the right time.

Doctors are God. Doctors perform the action of God. God cannot perform certain actions on his own directly & so to perform a few of HIS actions, GOD created Doctors. To our Family, Dr.Srinivasan, Dr.Raghavan & the entire crew are God. MIOT is the temple where the team of doctors are performing the act of GOD.

The hospitality extended by MIOT Hospitals and Dr.Srinivasan can never be expressed in words.

The services rendered by the Staffs at TICU & MICU were exemplary.

We would be doing injustice to ourselves, if we fail to mention the names of Mr.Raju, Mr.Suresh Babu, Mr.Devaraj, Mr.Hariharan , Ms.Sunitha Florence extended a selfless service during those crucial times.

We again sincerely thank you for all hospitality by MIOT Hospitals and we pray to the almighty that all the Doctors, staff & patients of MIOT shall be blessed with a long and healthy life.