Salochna Singh.

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Salochna Singh.

02nd Apr 2018


I Salochna Singh paitent of your hospital hereby on behalf of my son, my family members and I heartly and sincerely thanking the chairman, Madam Saraswati and her team, the nurses, caters, aayas (cleaners), laundry staffs, staffs supplying food, your team members, all staff those were directly involved in my treatment and service and specially not forgetting you for the service and treatment as despite some misunderstanding I was received and went under operation will a high note of successful operation.

The treatment and service provided to me was unexpected whereby I never felt that I am away from my home, family and country. The sisters are so friendly and prompt in their service. The daily visitation by doctors and Mr, MD always motivated me in my daily healing and strength.

There are so many good things learnt from your staffs and I will always remember and miss them.

I will miss all of you.

May god bless all staff of MIOT International from Head to the staffs till gardeners and their families.

Please do send my families, my sons and mine sincere appreciation to all your staff members specially to those directly involve in my treatment (the Mr MD, The doctors, the nurses of floor 4 and aayas.

With regards and best wishes.

Salochna Singh.