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approached my wife Gayathri for help in this regard. My wife did some initial validation of the cause and brought it to my attention. I took this up with SNEHAM – the Corporate Social Responsibility team of Infosys Chennai (I work in Infosys as a Delivery Manager at the Chennai centre)

They got in touch with the family and responded with their willingness to come forward with an initial share of the overall amount. Riding on this momentum, we took this up with other like minded Infosys and ex-Infosys employees and were able to collect around 1 lakh.

My wife and me came to MIOT hospital on 18th Jan 2014, to meet you in person. Ms. Geetanjali from the Public Relations team, was of immense help and she helped us to meet Dr. Ramprasad , MIOT. He examined Master Dushind, gave us a briefing on the surgery, expectation setting for the family members. He was very forthcoming with information, took keen interest and appreciated our collective effort in supporting the cause.

On 21st Jan, Dushind admitted to the hospital and we remitted the payment for the surgery, thanks to the collective support from our friends and colleagues. On 22nd Jan, the surgery was performed and Dushind moved from ICU to general ward the next day. On 25th Jan, we met Dr. Ramprasad to get his feedback and next steps on the boy’s condition. He expressed satisfaction and provided direction to the family on the next few weeks after he gets discharged. The hospital staff – Ms. Geetanjali, Mr. Monish in billing and all hospital staff were very supportive and cordial and we were very happy to see that Dushind was in safe hands during his stay in the hospital.

Dushind got discharged last Tuesday 28th Jan. It was very heartening to see the boy move his legs independently which hithero was not possible due to his condition. The family members of the boy conveyed their sincere gratitude to you and Dr. Ramprasad for the timely help and support rendered so far.

We look forward to your direction in the coming months when the boy is in the recovery period. Hopefully, when the PoP bandage is removed and the special shoes is fitted, he can attempt to walk with crutches and support.

We thank you again for making this complex surgery look simple and giving the much needed confidence to the family and clarity on the proceedings to us as well.