Thoracic and Cardiovascular Care

Total Arterial Revascularization

  • Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery (BIMA) Surgery – The possibility of total arterial revascularization has further improved the long term outcome of CABG. BIMA operations have excellent outcomes in suitable patients. This is a technique which has been performed regularly since the installation of this department.
  • Radial artery conduits – Radial artery is also a good internal conduit used on a routine basis at MIOT with good outcomes. This graft increases the proportion of arterial grafts used for CABG, again in suitable patients.
  • Total arterial revascularization (TAR) significantly improves long term outcomes of CABG. The possibility of angina or other coronary related issues are far less with TAR. The overall repeat procedures are far less in those with TAR.