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Overseas Patients

Patients from over 129 countries around the world choose MIOT International for world-class, cost-effective healthcare. Our International Patient Services division provides myriad services, from making appointments to acting as language interpreters, and ensures that our international patients remain comfortable while they receive the care that they need.

MIOT Overseas Patients

Mrs. Mallika Mohandas, Chairman, MIOT International along with Overseas Patients (12-May-2018)

Patients recover better when comfortable

We know that environment plays a significant role in the recovery process. Patients recover faster when they are comfortable and positive. However, being in a foreign country, far from home, can be stressful. It is here that our International Patient Services steps in to assist our overseas patients in every possible way and make their treatment and recovery as comfortable as possible.

We offer every assistance 

international-patientsOur services begin even before our patients arrive in India. Our team coordinates appointments with the appropriate specialists and assists the patient and his/her family and friends with visa and travel arrangements.
Members from our team are on hand to meet the patient at the airport or station and escort him/her, safely and in comfort, to MIOT International.

Our coordinators are on hand to help

While a patient can rest assured that he/she will receive expert medical care at the hands of our skilled physicians, new surroundings and a different language could prove to be a stressful. To ensure that patients and their families are comfortable for the duration of their treatment with us, our International Patient Care team assigns co-ordinators to groups of patients. They will answer questions and provide assistance in every way possible. When necessary, they even act as interpreters between the patient and the medical team.

Our exclusive kitchen for international patients prepares meals that meet their dietary requirements and also suit their palates.

For our patients from the Middle East, we also have a specially constructed prayer room.

Registering as a Patient

registering-international-patientTo become a patient at MIOT International, he/she should first contact our International Patient Care Services. Our international coordinators, who are fluent in many languages, can assist patients in all aspects of their care. We ask all our international patients to email copies of their medical records as well as a list of their needs to us at chief@miothospitals.com or submit the same on the enquiry page. This will enable our physicians to offer a second opinion as well as expedite the registration process.

Submitting Medical Records

Patients or their guardians must ensure that they send us complete medical records, preferably in English, including all relevant scans, X-rays and test results.

Visas and Passports

International patients will need to obtain a visa (depending upon their home country) to enter India for medical treatment. MIOT’s International Patient Services/Care staff can provide assistance with the visa application process, booking of tickets and other travel arrangements, as well as with any other information or assistance a patient may require.