Thoracic and Cardiovascular Care

Beating Heart Bypass Surgery

MIOT has been one of the pioneer cardiac surgical units in India which spearheaded beating heart surgery.  It continues to be one of the institutions where almost all bypass surgeries are done by this technique.

The advantages of beating heart are:

  • Less ICU and Hospital Stay
  • Less blood loss
  • Useful in those patients who have other systemic disease
  • Less prone to kidney and neurological complications
  • Ability to perform in high risk patients with less morbidity

MIOT performs beating heart surgery in 98% of all CABGs.

Off-pump/beating heart bypass surgery allows surgeons to perform surgery on the heart while it is still beating. The heart keeps beating during the procedure.

Conventional CABG surgery is performed using a heart-lung bypass machine. This machine facilitates the heart’s beating to be stopped, so that the surgeon can operate on a blood-free and still heart in contrast to off-pump / beating heart surgery. The need for the heart lung machine is not required. Using tissue stabilizers, the surgeon is able to perform this advanced technique and achieve similar results as compared to conventional CABG surgery. The heart continue to pump and circulate blood while the off pump surgery is being performed.