DBS Clinic (Deep Brain Stimulation)

A New Chance at Life

Thousands of caregivers share their agony as they watch their loved ones, afflicted with movement disorders like Parkinson’s, dystonia and essential tremors struggle with the simplest of tasks – buttoning a shirt, holding a glass or just crossing the room. However, with the cutting-edge procedure, DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) now adopted around the world, over 1,50,000 patients have had a new lease of life. Let us find out more from the MIOT Specialists who have had amazing results with DBS at MIOT International.

What causes movement disorders like Parkinsons, Dystonia & Essential Tremors?
Each body movement requires a series of smooth interactions between the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Movement disorders set in when the signals which ensure these smooth interactions get distorted by some abnormality in the brain function. The breakdown shows up as symptoms like trembling hands, slow walk, frozen muscles, slurred speech, expressionless faces, loss of balance etc. These become severe over time, leaving the person completely dependent on the caregiver for his needs.

How does Medication work?
Medications work for a while by reducing symptoms. But they have serious side effects and add to the original problem, over time. Also the body develops resistance to the medication after a point.

Is that where DBS comes in?
DBS-ImplantYes. If the patient is a suitable candidate, he can go in for DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation), which is a safe and well established therapy. We implant electrodes in the motor related areas of the brain through a keyhole procedure. They are connected to a pacemaker like device (IPG) placed beneath the skin near the collar bone, which is in turn linked to a remote with the patient. When the remote turns the IPG “ON”, it generates electrical impulses which are sent to the affected parts of the brain via the electrodes. This resets the distorted signals and restores interaction, reducing symptoms by almost 70-80%.

How long does it take for symptoms to reduce?
Almost immediately! Amazingly you see symptoms, disappear or reduce on the operating table. However the final change is apparent only once the device settings and medication are adjusted and can vary from person to person.

What are the advantages of DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation)?
It returns control over movements to the patient, restoring his independence, confidence & dignity. DBS is a reversible procedure and the strength of the electrical impulse can be adjusted to the severity of the symptoms. There is no risk of brain tissue damage as in a surgery. Most importantly, it reduces medication and its side effects by over 50%, in most cases.

Reasons for Effective results at MIOT International
MNMDC_ClinicWe offer a combination that few hospitals in India have today which is essential for DBS.



  • Team of experienced experts (neurologist, neurosurgeons, Imaging & lab technologists, rehabilitataion therapists & counsellors)
  • State-of-the-art TRODAT scan which diagnoses Parkinson’s accurately at an early stage.
  • Advanced imaging facilities on campus which help our surgeons map the affected centres and plan the surgery in minute detail.
  • Dedicated surgical suites, equipped with cutting-edge stereotactic surgical equipment.
  • Stringent infection-control practices that ensure bacteria-free environments which protect patients from infection.

If you have a loved one with Parkinson’s, Essential Tremor or Dystonia, bring him for consultation & evaluation with our specialists to the exclusive MIOT DBS Clinic

Venue : Retreat block, MIOT International
Date : June 2nd and 3rd, 2017.

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