Wolfgang Neff

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Wolfgang Neff

20th Jul 2015

Dear Professor Mohandas,

Three month have passed since the operation of my knees, I am free of pain, able to walk and climb stairs without any problems. A very big THANK YOU to you, your operating colleagues as well as the nurses and sisters assisting in the operations.

This is the first time I was in a hospital where the Chief himself stood at 6 am next to my bed to welcome me to the hospital. It is also the first hospital where I got this kind of openness, no matter whom I asked, being it the surgeon, the anaesthetist, any other doctor or a sister, I always got a satisfactory answer.

Please convey my best regards to all the operating staff as well as to the sisters of the station I was in

The MIOT INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL, a hospital of the first order, always recommended!

Wolfgang Neff