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I was under the care of

Dr. Sandip Duarah
Dr. KS. Vijayagopal
Dr. MP Ramprabu
Dr. S. Arul Prakash
Dr. M. Devi
Dr. Vedapriya

During my stay together with my wife as my attendant, we were very well taken care by our sisters on Third Floor Zone 2 and our Doctors especially Dr. Sandip and Vijayagopal.

My next visit back to MIOT is towards end of October or during November this year for reconstruction phase of my mouth. I am in contact with Ms Sheila Vidot to arrange for my next trip.

My wife and myself we extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation with the level of treatment and services MIOT has provided at surgery stage and chemoradiation. I am now feel better.

Our Compliments to everyone who was personally involved in my treatment.