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Wangchuk Basi

04th Feb 2015

Dear Dr. Prabhu,

I am back home now well into my RR and am doing my best to recoup some weight and strength before I return for further chemotherapy. This is just to tell you that I am truly thankful to both you and and Dr S.Lakshmi Narayan for the care and cooperation you extended to me during my incarceration there at the Miot International.

My overall experience there was more than satisfactory. The Miot is a great place to be at for treatment. Apart from all the state of the art facilities available I was specially happy with the human resource at hand. Doctors, sisters, technicians, office staff, down to the lift operating ladies were courteous helpful and did their jobs with a smile and kind word on their lips. Great work culture…and greater soft skills that you cannot train. It has to be inbred. During my correspondence with friends after my return here, a friend from Mumbai wrote to enquire if you were by any chance related to dr Jean Prabhu ( nee..Jean Coelom ). Please let me know so I can pass it on. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Wangchuk Basi