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Vispanada Gaunder

04th May 2017

Dear Sir,

It has been a great experience for us two from 01/04/17 till date and will carry for memories from here when we depart after few days. Our journey started from MPH Suva Fiji after consultation with Dr. Ganesh Prasad. His assurance from there till now is incredible. A great personality he is and his magical hands –we wish him the very best with all his patients- he was with us from day one and his advice we will take with us and strictly follow till we call back for review. His Assistant Dr. M. Krishna was as nice as his senior, took great care of us with the best advice, again our best wishes to both the doctors and our sincere thanks to them. Our sincere thanks to the nurses around us who were very caring, friendly and smiling. Catering service was very good and the dietician took good care of us. We are grateful to all of them involved in our care- “It was like a home away from home”. We are going home with smiles in our faces and will definitely share this experience in our country, and will strongly recommend your hospital to anyone in need of medical care.


Thank you,
Vispanada  Gaunder
Mohan Gounder