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Vijay Amritraj

It is undoubtedly one of the finest hospitals in the world.

With thanks and warm regards Ashok Amritraj and the Amritraj family May 6, 2003″

Text of the letter from Mr. Vijay Amritraj, the star among super stars, about his dad’s treatment at MIOT :

“I have just returned to Los Angeles and wanted to write to you all and let you know how I felt about my father’s surgery and stay at your hospital.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on creating such a fine outstanding facility in my home city. The effort must have been overwhelming at times but your incredible perseverance and hard work has given Chennai, Tamil Nadu and the country a wonderful medical facility.

Secondarily, I want to thank you for your wonderful care and concern in dealing with my father and his surgery and aftercare. Your commitment to success and your upbeat manner made all of us feel so very comfortable and secure with my father getting well.

The incredible staff at your hospital both in the ICU and the floor he was on, are a real tribute to your quest for excellence.

I can only wish you both and your staff at the hospital the very best and the grateful thanks of my family for looking after my father and letting him come home safely and well.

Vijay Amritraj.