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P. Rajendran

30th May 2015

Respected Dr. Mohandas Sir,

I am P. Rajendran. I just want to give my feedback on CABG surgery done for me on 4th May 2015 at about 9 AM. I sincerely appreciate the surgery done by Dr. V.V.Baashi. He is very great the way he has spoken to me and the counseling done on CABG before surgery to me with a smiling face. His team has done really a great job on every aspect. The previous day of my surgery Dr. Ahju Jacob/ Dr. Arjun visited my room and spoken to me about the anesthesia and not to fear on this surgery the way they explained to me. I was fully mentally prepared for the operation on the next day.

I really want to appreciate that Dr. V.V. Baashi that he has done a very major surgery for a person who came from Hyderabad. I came to know from the family people who visited my room regarding the surgery done for the above person. Dr. Baashi sir has not even taken his lunch and executed the operation more than 8 to 9 hours and the operation was very success. After completing the operation on the same day he has called me to my room with a smiling face enquiring about me without any break in his duty and not taking even rest that shows how much of effort and the dedication towards his work. I really come across now a day’s Dr.’s like Dr. V.V. Bashi in my life.

I once again appreciate Dr. V.V. Baashi the way he is dealing with the cardiology patients who comes to his cabin.

Thanking you