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Thameem Khaja

I’m a patient who residing in Dubai, UAE. In the end of last month I got some severe fever and all doctors here couldn’t diagnose my viral. So straightaway I flew to India for further treatment with the advice of my family members and colleagues and visited your hospital on 4th Feb, 2014. I had all treated headed by Dr. Gayathri Poornima. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my experience was at your hospital. The entire staff was warm, professional and concerned starting with my first contact.

First of all, I think Dr. Gayathri Poornima is the best! She is upbeat, upfront, concerned and caring. She is very professional and helpful. As a patient, I felt so comfortable with her during my visits in your esteemed hospital.

Everyone I came in contact with was a professional and seemed to be genuinely happy to be there. It was a calm and cheering atmosphere. I have high praise for your precious place and I make sure everyone I know hears about it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your brilliant services to all my near and dears. A special thanks goes to Dr. Gayathri Poornima and not to forget the entire team starting from the reception area to attendant staff. They all made me feel comfortable, safe and positive.

I wish you and your staffs all the best in future endeavors! Trust you may help out more people in the coming years with your immense service.

Thameem Khaja