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Stafford Xavier

We never least thought of coming to MIOT for our Kid due to the consulting fees and proximity of so many other paediatric doctors in our locality including Ramchandra, Surya and Vijaya hospital . One fine morning we decided why not try and its was then that started our association with MIOT or I would say Doctor V C Shrinivas.

Doctor Shrinivas is one of those Doctors I have seen without a “attitude” and so down to earth who knows how to deal with a patient and its attender, his subject knowledge has been fantastic and engagement with patient and their families has been impeccable in our opinion. It’s been 5 years now and even though we have seen a rise in the consulting fees thrice which was a concern, we as a family did not mind to continue with MIOT and Doctor Shrinivas for our kid. In fact our whole family and even our extended family have consulted with MIOT Doctors and it was Doctor Shrinivas who suggested we see the Doctors at MIOT.

When My Sister in law had a arm broken in a accident on GST road, it was only because of Doctor Shrinivas that we travel all the way back with that injury to consult and use your Ortho Doctors service including you. We were sceptical at first with the past experiences of inpatient care inputs given by friends but we decided to continue. Today my wife, kid extended family, I and even friends use your other department services and its only because of the way Doctor Shrinivas treated my kid and his recommendations time and again that MIOT has become part of our family.

In today’s technological, educated and fast paced world its hard to find a Doctor who has not just Doctoral skills but skills to influence people and a crowd puller. I would like to take this time to “Appreciate” Doctor V C Shrinivas who has been the influence in our health decisions and like to extend our HEART felt Gratefulness. May God Bless Him More and More and our wishes for more success in his career.

Stafford Xavier