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07th Sep 2016

Dear MIOT,

My mother Shobhana (74) was admitted on July 13th in septic shock. Her BP was 70/50. Liver and kidney function were poor (Urea 180, Creatinine 2.7) due to papillary necrosis caused by E-Coli UTI that resulted in urosepsis. Dr Ravichandran’s Nephrology team and Dr Nishith’s medical ICU team worked tirelessly to save her. After 12 days in ICU and about 3 weeks in the ward she is now recovered.

I am convinced that no other team in India and probably the world could have saved her and we are eternally grateful. I was very impressed with their doctors, facilities and patient care. In fact the entire hospital (Doctors, Nurses, Admin staff… everyone) was very helpful and supportive during this very tough time for us.
Thank you MIOT