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Saad Nayef al-Jumaili

09th Jul 2015

Honorable: Prof Dr. Mohandas, Dr. Prithvi Mohandas and Mrs. Mallika Mohandas (The chairman)

Distinguished Doctors, Sisters (Nursing Staff) and honorable coordinators (Translators/ Interpreters).

I was very pleased delighted and glad to deal with you and address you; I have been in your hospital over the previous years, which touched me through your good handling and assistance that not found at any of my national hospital. An excellent diagnosis and treatment precision and care that surpasses any other hospital care away in the world.

I am pleased and over delighted a lot when I came to the hospital and I was watching the development and progress in your work that what I have come across to know it as per now. With all my heart I wish you the success and continued development. All of our patients are very happy as you offer them the care and attention and then they come after a while to thank me because of sending them to your hospital.

Best regards, thanks, appreciation and respect for you and for all the medical staff and interpreters and hospital staff.

Thanks you very much
Saad Nayef al-Jumaili
The Father of the patient
Mohammad Saad