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Radha Seshadhri

03rd Jan 2021

I have had long saga of medical experience and underwent surgery at MIOT, Hospitals on 14th September, 2020. They say “seven is heaven”. Indeed so it was, as this was my 7th surgery on the whole. A part of colon and rectum left out from the surgery about 3 Decades back was creating havoc. Though my surgery for Ileostomy is a great absolute success, a technical snag, delayed surgeries, repeated interventions for various reasons for this very same cause has been tormenting me and every now and then i was landing up in Doctor Clinics and Hospitals for procedures.

My medical guide, revered and family Dr.Ramakrishnan saved me so long with his great acumen and knowledge, helped me lead a normal life. Though many experts were vary of doing this Surgery and said it’s very dangerous and discouraged me to undergo this surgery, he repeatedly insisted and referred me to Dr.Surandren, Miot Hospitals. As soon as I got registered and every time i go for appointment, first thing they offer is a bottle of water.

How very thoughtful and concerned. Not only it’s handy for patients but also helps to maintain the cleanliness of the hospital. Prof. Dr. Surendran, Head of Hepato Pancreatic Biliary & Liver Transplantation unit was very confident from the first instance that it can be and should be operated and removed. Along with just 2 other team Doctors, Dr.VimalRraj. V and Dr.Partheeban. K, with ease, efficiently, intelligently, admirably and miraculously operated and successfully removed the troubling part.

No words of gratitude nor my use of adjectives with limited vocabularies would suffice to appreciate this super fine surgery they conducted meticulously without damaging any other organ. By these years as well as my obese body structure have changed so much inside that even a lay person can understand more so a technically qualified Doctors would appreciate the nature and difficulty of this surgery and It is as if I almost jumped out from a running bullet train unhurt. Dr. from day one clearly explained the procedures also said it would take a long time to heal than usual. Nothing was hidden.

During the surgery period in Liver ICU the care and concern with which Dr.Vimalraj took care and attended on me to sail me to safety, i have no enough words to bring out that feeling of comfort and assurance that i am in safe hand and will be fine soon. Always with a torch looking for what better or best could be done to the wound, irrespective of the time, unmindful that he has not even had his lunch.

Dr.Partheeban, very silently yet subtlety helped me finding innovative ways to combat my problems as well as insisting that i take care of lungs etc., On the whole the sister in charge, attending sisters, helpers were remarkable and gave personal unflinching attention. What a wonderful, team of Doctors with supporting staff and others. Though disease was mine, the minute i went there enrolled, the Hospital took it up the disease, myself and problems as their own and sailed me to safety. There was a mishap, melodrama and set back in-between. Bound to happen in a course of any long journey whether medical or otherwise.

There was gushing of blood suddenly and at early hours i had rushed to ICU from ward, no doubt they did a wonderful job and Dr Vimaraj was immediately there throughout though it was Sunday!! Food given by Hospital is too good, too well thought of to suit patients and nutritious. Cleanliness of the hospital is remarkable. The idea that no (visitor) one can enter liver ICU and Mobiles and gadgets strictly prohibited is very best for cure and recovery of patients.

The PROs, nurses, other staff all were extremely kind and courteous. Otherwise a scary surgery turned into a wonderful experience. So for all my needs like Pulmonology, Heart. Blood pressure, oncology check ups etc., i look up at Miot Hospitals only. Pray to God that this Hospital wins a lot of National and International credits which it richly deserves.