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25th Feb 2015

Dear Chairman,

I am Sowrirajan, Retired General Manager, Bank of Baroda. My wife Mrs. Kumudavalli underwent a surgery for recurrent incisional hernia at MIOT International hospital on 10th Feb 2015. My wife had already undergone 3 abdominal surgeries prior to the latest one – one hysterectomy and two subsequent incisional hernia. When she was to go for the third incisional hernia repair, naturally we were quite stressed. When we called on Prof. Dr. Surendran, HoD, HPB, he instilled a lot of confidence. His reputation had preceded him and no doubt he lived up to it creditably well.

I want to list out some of the positives that we (more precisely, my wife) experienced

  • The extraordinary infrastructure –general ambience, cleanliness, comfortable room, etc. Truly international. I can say this with conviction as I had served in a couple of other countries and I have visited a few other countries as well. The infrastructure provides the first impression which is the best. Later we learnt that the O.T. and the post operative wards are also world class.
  • The comfort provided by Dr. Surendran and his team of able doctors – Dr. Paari Vijayaraghavan, Dr. Ajitabh Srivastava and Dr. Vimalraj Velayudham. A big salute to the team.
  • Very good nursing attention by the nursing team in MI 3rd Floor. While all of them were caring and were available at call, a special mention is to be made about sisters Jeevitha and Malar.

Well, my wife had undergone the previous 3 surgeries at Chennai (not MIOT), Mumbai and Johannesburg (South Africa). I can easily say that in terms of overall experience and comfort, MIOT is the best. What can be more comforting than Dr. Surendran’s words that there won’t be a need for fifth intervention.

Once again, our sincere thanks to you and your team.