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My father has been diagnosed with Terminal illness (esophagus ca, advanced stage). His life expectancy is from few days to few months. After nearly a month of hospitalization, I was hesitant to get my dad discharged from hospital, because my brothers couldn’t stay longer and I was left alone to take care of my dad along with my mom who was also not keeping well. I was not sure if I could manage, I was distraught, totally lost and even mad at myself. Although I didn’t tell my concern, Dr. Sreekumar Pillai was smart enough to read my situation. At the time of discharge, he gave me his phone number and asked me to update my dad’s condition on daily basis. This gave me an immense relief but I was skeptical how this will work. How long he can extend his support. “Touch Wood ” it’s been a month and half since my dad got discharged and there’s not been a time that my call has gone unanswered. I am glad, I met two wonderful persons; Dr. Sreekumar Pillai who is not tired to answer my calls and Dr. Harshal Patil who meticulously writes to my 8 year old son’s email queries. Though we know that there’s no suitable advanced treatment available for my dad, these doctors have truly won our hearts by humanity.

I wish them great success and we are thankful for their support.