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Parvathy Viswanathan

01st Sep 2017

The HOD of urology, Dr. Shanmugasundaram had performed a highly skilled and strenuous surgery in the operation theatre, for more than 7 hours, meticulously and painstakingly, with full concentration and professional ethics.

A ‘hypo dense lesion’ situated in a tricky, awkward and complicated position, inside the left kidney of the 54 year old chronic diabetic patient, has been successfully removed (Partial Nephrectomy) by the urologist team and all other medical professionals in the operation theater, thus saving that kidney and the quality of life of the patient. Any unintended lapse or minor mistake would have caused the removal of the left kidney of my wife. Soon after this special surgery, it is significant to note that the HOD had resumed his duties in his consultation room and started rendering expert treatment for the waiting out patients. Subsequently, we also interacted with the patient, through video call after her shifting to the HCICU from the OT.

S. Viswanathan