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Nazira Begum

30th May 2016

This is written to reveal my appreciation towards the service provided by MIOT International Hospital. The Faimoz Fareed family is precisely grateful and honoured to be provided with the health service rendered by the intelligent, caring and hardworking team of the above mentioned hospital. We were comprehensively impressed with the facilities and nature of service provided impeccably leaving no space for any negativity.

The staffs are some of the friendliest, highly qualified people that I have ever encountered in my life. He received excellent treatment and was treated with the great deal of medical excellence and dignity, which not only resulted enhancement in his medical situation but also filled him with confidence that he was under the core of professionals whose only objective was to stretch me the right and finest treatment to get me home and well again. Everyone knew what is to be done, and definitely with abundance of smile and compassion. Any question asked in regards to his medical situation was answered in time with a friendly disposition. We all were incredibly impressed now, due to the layout of the examination room the nurses and doctors are able to see so many patients without anyone feeling frustrated, rushed or overcrowded.

In summary, I would like to thank all the staffs of the MIOT international Hospital and their Managing Board for providing us with all the service that may not ever be elapsed easily. It is your total care and outstanding approach that coveys and confidence and trust within patients to be back home safe and sound. MIOT International thanks a lot.

(Patient’s Spouse)