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Mrs. Priya

18th Aug 2020

Victory in the battle against corona!! . 

Will the police ever get tired? But it came one night, extreme tiredness and cold. I managed for six days. But I continued to have body pain, headache and fever. On the 7th day, I came to MIOT to join hands with the doctors to fight against corona.  With care and compassion, they admitted me immediately!

The reform of God the “doctors”, the white angels ”nurses” – both took care of me and provided elegant care. Because of the sacrifices made by the sanitary workers, there was cleanliness everywhere. Because of the dietician’s care, nutritious food was given from time to time. Because of the physiotherapists, the heart and lungs were healthy.

There was improvement in me within 3 days.

Behind the PPE, I could see the humbleness, kindness and positive talks of the Managing Director. I was inspired by his energy and I started to feel the same the very next day. I felt like a guest in somebody’s home, not as a patient. But one thing is certain, as long as doctors & nurses are there, even the death will be scared.

People! To fight corona, we must be confident. If we oppose corona, it will get scared. Proper medication, respiratory therapy and food will be sufficient enough to drive Corona away. With continued efforts and positive thoughts, we can easily overcome corona.

Don’t go out unnecessarily. Wear masks and follow social distancing. If you get corona, don’t be scared, but go to a hospital with hope.

Without selfishness, the doctors’ are ready to serve and take care of us like God.

With love,
Mrs. Priya (Name changed to protect patient identity)
Police Inspector