Mrs. Jayalakshmi S

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Mrs. Jayalakshmi S

22nd Jul 2019

I specially thank all the professionals in Radiation department in short, Radiation department is a big family.  Everyone individually treats each patient like family member.  Treating Doctors (Dr. Srinivasan and Dr. Sunitha) were very good and monitoring each and every patient changes and takes prompt measures to reach higher level of care.  Receptionist Mrs. Porchelvi is excellent and communicates and very kind to all.  Technicians were very good, daily cross check the patient and motivates everyone to teach day-by-day better health.  Two little girls’ keerthana and Akalya were very calm and polite; everyone in the department welcomes the patient with whole-hearted smile and wishes.  I have went so many hospitals, but from my bottom of heart, I appreciate the Radiation Oncology team in MIOT INTERNATIONAL.  In MIOT, students too in Radiation department were good.  I am very satisfied with the care which I received from Radiation Department, In future I will refer my kith and kins for treatment.

Specially in Radiation department, each and every one understand the disease condition, mentality of the patients as well as family members and stands behind every individual as a back support and motivate for better outcome.  I can feel the quaternary care in Radiation Oncology department as well as in MIOT INTERNATIONAL.  Once again I thank everyone in Radiation department family.

Thanks & regards,
Mrs. Jayalakshmi S