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Mrs. Elgiva Jayaram

26th Oct 2015

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Mallika Mohandas

But coupled with the above, the need of the hour on the eve of my discharge is to truly thank you sir and ma’am. Thank you not just because I am on my feet again, but I thank you thank you in earnest that from day one of stepping into your domain on Saturday, the 17th of October with an MRI in one hand the firmness of Jayaram’s hand in my other, I have only been comfortable, yes providence led us to Dr. Paul Henry. I am a total stickler for question marks on our Indian docors, but just one conversaion with him told me I need check no more. Enthusiastically in love with his surgery he told me in these very words: “Come, come, come madam, if you want we will operate you today and off you are day after”. I believed him and today, 57 hours after the surgergy, his words endorse my faith even more. The resultant thoughts of post operative stay in your domain make me say that MIOT can be spelt in another way and that is CARE : Compassionate Assemblage for Renewal and Energy.

As an Army wife, I have seen and experienced hospitals and hospital staff; but with your permission may I take this opportunity to jot down my observations. The foremost has been compassion.

  • Not even a simpleton ‘dhotiwala’ patient and his relatives are left unattended to fend for themselves. There is a smiling helper with every ‘lost’ patient.
  • The wheel chairs have been strapped for patients sitting on them.
  • I have only one tiny needle prick on my right hand and No No No Thrombosis after a Spinal surgery! How does your staff achieve this!
  • No body here throws a surgical patient on to a stretcher, they do so with the gentleness of a fibre board. (I have had some bad experience at other hospitals)
  • The OT staff gave me warmth while my teeth were chattering before the anaesthesia.
  • The staff thoughtfully bring the register to ensure that medicines are administered accurately. They do not depend on chance.
  • Their sanitary and sanitizing habits upon entering the rooms are exemplary. The staff of floors 8 and 4 can have my heat out for them.

Next  under my observation has been cleanliness. Being an extremely germ consious person myself, I have learnt even hospitals can achieve what a home like mine has. But this achievement of total germ free cleanliness I have seen ONLY in MIOT. I am sure your staff is sensitized only once but they are sensitive everyday. You have achieved it, sir and ma’am.

Pride in the job / duty has been another facet I found glued into every person who helped me in MIOT. If all the doctors who take an ‘OATH’ smile and heal like they do here, I am sure sickness and disease can reverse. I can see ‘happiness’ writ large on all faces. As a patient, I was healed even before the procedure began because of the trust Dr.Paul Henry could manage to extract out of me, a prospective operational case. I am sure that each and every doctor in your lovely domain is full of compassion, worthy of trust and complete with a sense of duty. Yes, you have achieved it again, sir and ma’am.

At the end I just want to thank you for looking after me so well, that I feel I was on a wonderful enriching experience in a very warm and homely atmospere. Recuperating here, I have begun  to love each and everyone of you.

God bless you all ! To grow to infinity to cure and cleanse us the patients, and to exemplify to the entire medical world in India that they to can emulate and imbibe your values and ethics, your programs and also imbibe your “pride-in-the-job-with-a- smile” attitude.

God Bless one and all at MIOT

With sincere regards to you, sir and ma’am,

I remain,

Humbly yours,

Mrs. Elgiva Jayaram