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Mr. Selvathirumal

06th Aug 2019

On 2nd August Morning, I has severe headache and vomiting and almost lost consciousness.  My wife and my brother brought me to MIOT hospital where I was made to undergo CT Scan.  As the CT Scan report was being prepared, Dr. Shankar came to my wife and  informed her about the gravity of the situation and explained the necessity of doing the surgery immediately.  My wife consulted my brother and gave the consent for surgery. Dr. Shankar immediately arranged shifting me to the OT and performed the Surgery.  In the evening of 2nd August I got consciousness and was surprised to find myself in the ICU.  Later on my wife came and explained all these details and told how              Dr. Shankar was instrumental in bringing me back.  The next day morning on 3rd August. Dr. Shankar came to ICU and explained me in detail about my health condition and how i improved with the surgery.  Since I felt better he has advised shifting me to normal ward.

4th August being a Sunday I thought the doctor will not visit the patients.  But to my surprise Dr. Shankar did not have rest on Sunday also and came all the way to the ward to monitor progress of my recuperation.

Mr. Selvathirumal