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Lalitha Mohan

Dr. Chezhian Subash and Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty gave us detailed explanation of what is Autologus Stem Cell transplant which would be done in two phases – harvesting and the transplant. They also told us that various side effect would take place during the procedure and also there was a ten percent risk to the patient’s life during the procedure. Hearing this, I was apprehensive whether my husband would be able to go through this treatment. But my husband was ready to face it and then I realized that I had to give him the courage to go ahead with the treatment. Each day troubled by fear, anxiety and worry was there within me but all that would vanish when we see both the doctors in the noon. Frequently they would come and see him to find out whether he was OK – any problem. That kept us going!

Every day was a new experience – an experience which we never experienced in our life and we took it on our stride to face it. The doctors presence was enough to lift all our problems away.

Here I would like to mention the three sisters – Renuka, Della and Anju – who tirelessly work in the BMT department always smiling, a kind word and a lot of advice as to ease the problem and the encouraging words were so soothing to us which always left a smile on our face too.

They are far away from their families but there was no complaint at all – their attitude and dedication one should be proud of.

Last but not the least is Bhagwathy – simple, unassuming and soft spoken. Always ready to get the blood donor or for the platelets for my husband.

Dr. Raja who always came to find out whether my husband had any problem, everything was OK and whether he was comfortable or not. Before he left for the day, he would come over again here and enquire about him.

The complete BMT staff was so helpful that we never knew how time passed by.

We are even grateful to Dr. Chezhian Subash and Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty for all the help rendered to us and there are no words to express one gratitude. This bond will be there till the last…

Lalitha Mohan