Lalitha Mohan.

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Lalitha Mohan.

Being an ECHS member, we had gone to our polyclinic for an orthopedic problem thereby they referred us to MIOT. After going through the various tests and scans, it was revealed that he had Multiple Myleoma problem here, we were referred to the Oncology Department and the doctors suggested a treatment of Radiation for 5 weeks under Dr. Vijaygopal.

This went off well and there was a marked improvement regarding his pain. Now after this we were referred Dr. Chezhian Subash and  Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty for chemotherapy. Both the doctors called us and gave a detailed idea as to what is chemotherapy, the duration, the side effects and how to go about it. Under their able guidance and help it went off smoothly without much side effects. After 4 weeks of chemotherapy, they once again told us about the next set of treatment. Autologus Stem Cell transplant. This procedure was pre-planned in detail (what could and would happen during the treatment) and the outcome of it.

By now we were very confident that we would have this treatment done here only at MIOT (even though oncology is not covered here by ECHS) and that is because of faith, trust and confidence we have with Dr. Chezhian Subash and Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty inspite of facing financial constraints to pay off for this expensive treatment, we have taken a heavy loan to go ahead with this treatment and the reason being that my husband is in the hands of such capable and able doctors like Dr. Chezhian Subash and Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty. We need such doctors who are thoroughly dedicated to their profession and I am sure MIOT is proud to have them in their panel of doctors. We wish them all the best in all their endeavours.

I once again thank God for bringing us to such able hands like these two doctors.

Lalitha Mohan.