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T.R.Suresh kumar for a fracture tibia shaft left leg after an accidental fall from chair 06/09/2013. Right from taking the patient in the ambulance of MIOT till the date of discharge on 13/9/2013, we assisted throughout right from the PRO Mr.Hariharan to the helper who had wheeled us to the exit enterance to our vehicle were very sincere honest and ready to attend to our call at anytime. The reception team with their smile seemed to convey that everything would be taken care of.

I would like to say a few words about your PROs Mrs.Vinolini, Geetanjali and puinitha who were of immense help throughout our stay both at the international block and the main block. In the post operative ward I was told by the patient, about the staff who would always be extending their help anytime, day or night with a smile on their face. The way they supported emotionally was really appreciable. May I take this opportunity to single out one Ms.Jana at post op. 1 and the rest of the team for their services to all the patients. An ever willing support from Vinolini in particular is always is cherished.

On the insurance desk when I was running here and there it was Mohammed who came down to earth in sorting out the financial stress with his appropriate means and ideas. The physiotherapist did an excellent job in seeing to that, the patient gains confidence and is up back to normacy in record time of two days.

Finally our salutations are due to the one and the only founder Dr. P.V.A.Mohandass and his team consisting of Dr. Ram prasad and others who had assisted in the surgery and the treatment given to Mr.Suresh.

Last but not the least is the way we were seen off whom by your team who had assured us of all the help that we may require in future. Our special thanks are due to Mr. Hariharan and his team for the support given.

Whishing MIOT and the team all the best in their future, I remain yours truly,