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Ex. MLA Mr. K. Munivenkatappan

18th Aug 2020

Today India tops the list of developing countries. A developing country is not about industrial growth. It must provide good food, clothing, shelter and sanitation to its citizens. This is not just possible only by the government with a population of 130 crores. Private organisations should also join hands together and only then such a service can be attained. Chennai is the Modern India’s healthcare destination in which MIOT Hospitals leads the way.

Being at this young age, the Managing Director of MIOT is so active and responsible. He is the total embodiment of sacrifice. If you are looking for cleanliness and sanitation at one place you could find that only at MIOT. I doubt if MD gets time to sleep. I’m 70-year-old and have seen many hospitals, but he is the only doctor I’ve observed who checks patients’ health in person and his day starts at 4 Clock in the morning.

If an experienced doctor examines a patient in person it feels as if half the disease is cured. This is well done by MIOT Hospitals MD and only he can do it better. It is commendable that the other doctors who support him also take great care of the patients with a passion and treat the patients with pride.

MIOT specializes in having many talented medical professionals. The nurses deserve as much praise as they can. Immediate attention was given to me by them whenever I requested anything. Their care and compassion will always stay in my heart. A hospital’s success is with the nurses which I saw evidently. Here nurses are working with great dedication. Congratulations on their excellent work.

While people are scared hearing COVID-19, MIOT Hospitals took initiatives and gave hope in treating COVID patients. The moment I was here I was given confidence that I’m in the right place and will soon be recovered and put into good health, these kind words made me feel as if I’m almost cured.

To mention in particular I would like to thank Dr. Sathya who gave me courage and confidence which played a better part in my recovery.

MIOT is Chennai’s pinnacle of modern healthcare

My wishes to MIOT Hospitals
Ex. MLA Mr. K. Munivenkatappan

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