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Daya Kannan

03rd Apr 2018

Dear Chairman,
MIOT International

My father Shri Parthasarathy Kannan was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in the stomach and underwent major surgery on the 6th of March 2018. The operating surgeon was Surgical Gastroenterologist Dr Karthik Maruthachalam.

I’m writing this to you to thank you for the excellent doctors you have in your hospital. In particular, Dr Karthik M. I showed my father’s reports to a few other surgeons for a second opinion and all of them said that had my father been on their operating table, they would have closed him up and refused to go ahead with the surgery (as the tumour had spread to a much larger area than presumed). Dr Karthik not only took a risk and gave my Dad a chance by proceeding with the operation but also followed it up with such meticulous attention that my father has not only recovered completely from the surgery but also has a chance at fighting his battle with cancer.

My father has Stage 4 Cancer. Given that he is over 75 and that the disease is at an advanced stage, the oncologist told him that he had 8 months to a year at most. This understandably depressed him and he was losing the will to fight it out. He started panicking at every instance of pain and was mentally perturbed. We consulted Dr Karthik again for the pain and he not only put Appa’s fears (about the cancer causing the pain) to rest but also took the time to tell my father that chemotherapy was going to be difficult but that he should push through and never give up… my Dad had been saying that he wouldn’t get chemo etc but after Dr Karthik’s positive discussion he is looking forward to fighting it out.

I cannot express how thankful I am that we had such a wonderful and truly empathetic doctor who went to such great lengths to ensure my father’s recovery and motivate him to continue chemotherapy later on. The attention to detail and the personal care that has been given to my father really touched me.

I am extremely impressed with your choice of doctors and the overall attention received at MIOT. I have been to many hospitals but your institution stands apart in not only medical treatment but also that personal touch. Please keep up the good work.

Warm regards,

Daya Kannan