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Chadho Tenzin

First, my wife, Mrs Deki Tshomo, who had spine surgery on 1st August 2012, is recovering very fast. As advised, she is resting at home; she takes small walks around the house at least once a day; takes her medicines on time; and takes her daily bath. She had the sutures removed on 15 August.

Second, Mr Kinga Namgay has come to know the successful surgery of my wife and he came to see us. We shared our happy story with him and he has now decided to come to MIOT with his patients. We have explained him the whole process starting from front desk, meeting with you, all the reviews/checks, “package” program, etc.

Kinga and his patients are new to Chennai and unfortunately my son, a BDS student iin Chennai, is also here on vacation. I would appreciate if MIOT could kindly arrange pick up from the Airport – Kinga is copied this mail to give you the flight details. They will arrive Chennai on 27th August 2012. Further, I would appreciate if MIOT could arrange Hospital Guesthouse for the night of the 27th August.

As I said above, Kinga has two patients. One is his wife, Mrs Kinley Yangdon. She has spinal problems (similar to my wife but probably at multiple places); and the other patient is his nephew who has “clumping” of nerves on the face below the right ear. I would appreciate if you could agree to see them during the first hour on 28th August.

We have given your Card to Kinga and he is also copied this mail – he will surely contact you with more information and questions.

Once again, thank you and the MIOT Team, for your “magical” hands which did marvelous job.

Chadho Tenzin