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Capt Mahesh Chandra Singh Bhakuni

09th Jul 2016

I visited MIOT hospital for master health check up on 7th June 2016.  My  overall experience was very good. There was some inconvenience in locating Master health checkup facility as the security guards could not guide me properly and I wasted good about 30 minutes in locating the place. Finally  Sathyan spoke to the guard of car parking who advised me to go to the basement parking. The guard at basement parking also was not able to communicate properly. I think it may be language problem. The guards  spoke only Tamil and I could speak only English or Hindi. Ms. Vinodini acted on my feedback and today to my pleasant surprise I found the guards had prompt response and they helped me while crossing the road on my way back. Thanks a lot for that.

After this initial problem everything was very smooth. From reception of Master health check up to final medical consultancy everything was excellent. There was a lot of personal touch throughout. They all made me feel like very important . I watched every one working very hard and got surprised how things were functioning so smoothly without any supervision and confusion.

Ms. Geethanjali was very alert, active and fast in handling things and taking them to logical conclusion. During work pressure also (I know she was handling many patients) she was calm, cool, collected and having a smile on her face. From beginning to end she worked with dedication. I wish to thank her for her energy and positivity.

I also wish to thank Renuka Devi for her promptness and smiling disposition. I had a great experience during my eye checkup . They made me comfortable and thoroughly checked my eyes. It was a great feeling that they were so much concerned  about the health of my eyes. While one was checking my eyes with various methods, the Doctor sitting there was keeping a vigilant eye on the entire examination process. Finally she also checked and ensured that all is well. Thank you very much for that.

The experience in Echo test and ultrasound was equally good. The people ( Ms Sandhya and one more person) manning there are very competent and conducted the process with whole devotion and missionary zeal.  Dr Kalpana and her team was excellent.

I could see the sense of satisfaction on every one’s face.  The entire team from reception onwards was dedicated and proficient.

The  entire process culminated with the expert counselling of Dr G.Sujatha Reddy. Who is very proficient, analytical, amiable and perfect in her job. She, in fact, completed the Master Health Check up and left nothing undone. She went into details and  tightened the loose ends. She cleared all my doubts and explained all things in simple words. She studied every detail of each report, analyzed them and concluded in a very healthy manner. She also asked me to get in touch with her over telephone in case of any problem any time in future. That definitely is a confidence building measure. With this I came back fully satisfied.

The whole credit goes to the top leadership and efficient management for creating such a great team and work culture. It also speaks volumes about the training and development of the Human Resources. Most importantly the feeling of ownership was quite prevalent in every person. Please keep it up !!!

Thanking you with regards,
Capt Mahesh Chandra Singh Bhakuni
Jt General Manager- Industrial Relations