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I got operated in 2006 December by Dr. Sathish Kumar. In 2007, we got transferred back to Mumbai after which lipoma recurred and I got operated in one of the most famous hospital in Mumbai. I am telling this because i tell everyone that Miot is the best. Its high time that I let u know guys know that you are the best. In Miot, i was only discharged after the drain was removed, everything was so systematic. Doctors were extremely helpful. I had stayed in the Retreat section. so the whole system of taking me to OR and no crowding outside OR, giving me cell phone to talk to my family when i was kept for observation was just amazing. Dr. Mohandas coming himself to meet all the patients, i can say with that positive and such strong energy, any patient’s recovery time would be reduced by half. Nurses coming in time whenever they are called for. Cleanliness is the most important thing and the hospital is sparkling clean, 10/10.

Whereas in mumbai, i was discharged in 3 days with my drain still oozing. every 2 days i had to spend 1000 rs from my home to hospital to get my drain checked. Doctor told me very clearly that he will not operate if lipoma occured for third time since it is very time consuming. The whole system was pathetic, no one was interested in patient’s comfort. Nurses were pathetic. When it came to cleanliness, i would give them 4/10. I stayed in non-a/c for 3 days, still bill amount was almost double than in miot where i stayed for 8 days in Retreat even using the beauty parlour and restaurant service on 7th day.

i called you guys for histopath report, i got it immediately. the guys in mumbai told me to call up tomorrow to just know the status.

Of course, right from the doctors, the receptionist talking with a smile, the lady who gives sponge bath, the cook who prepares food for patient, they all constitute in making a hospital which all hospitals have. Most of the hospitals only concentrate on the top layer, but miot sees to it that all the layers right from topmost till lowest are best.

once again, MIOT is best.