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The team of surgeons lead by Dr V V Bashi successfully operated on him and he is being discharged today. My sincere thanks to Dr Bashi and his entire team – Dr Cherian, Dr Jyotsanna, Dr Karthik and Dr Julias Thilakar. My sincere apologies if I have left out any names. It is not intentional. In fact I should say that my father took sometime to regain conciousness (he was operated on 10th Mar and regained conciousness only on 12th March morning). We were given constant assurance by the entire team that he would recover and we should hope for the best ! Thanks also to the CT ICU staff who kept us informed of his progress from time to time.

In the room- thanks to all the sisters, room boys/women for their very courteous behaviour, Physiotherapist & Dietician for their services! . Also thanks to the billing team for spending extra time for telling us the exact amount and also going out of the way to help me !!

You have built a great team and are true to your Motto of ‘Putting Patients First’

Congratulations and wish you all the best !