Akosita Vakada Valamalua

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Akosita Vakada Valamalua

01st Sep 2018

I had a great time here and was looked after very well by the staff here. My heartfelt thanks to the senior physiotherapist Mrs Kavitha. Such a caring heart and assisted me well as well as offered valuable advice that is relevant for my betterment. She was very welcoming and was very professional in her approach. The nurses were superb in providing timely assistance. I thank Dr Kumar the cancer surgeon (lucky doctor ) for his advice and for being thorough with my condition assessment. I also thank Dr Ahmed and Dr Dhillon for their assistance and for helping me especially with the clarification of my conditions. The doctors and nurses and the rest of the staff here made me feel right at home and I thank MD for the kind hospitality. Thank you so much MIOT International for helping me get better and I pray for God to bless you with more success. I would definitely recommend this hospital to any seeking overseas treatment. Once again thank you MD. I for one am pretty sad now that I am leaving. Thank you thank you thank you.

Thanking you

Akosita Vakada Valamalua