A. Magesh

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A. Magesh

As per the advice from the chief doctor sir we have got admission on 5th of this month. After controlling the sugar levels he underwent an operation on 10/06/2013.

From the time of admission till discharge we have received good service from one and all. Yousuf in Insurance department has guided us well for getting the approval of insurance amount. Even at the time of discharge all the summary reports have been perfectly submitted to us with the clear instructions that needs to be followed. Srimathi from the billing department also responded well for our queries and the final settlement was also made faster.

Finally we got a good & best treatment. Once again thanks to all the departments who have been doing their best for the welfare of the patients.

Thank MIOT, You are really bringing out a new sunshine and bringing back the happiness in every ones life.

Our whole hearted thanks and regards to Mohan Das Sir and Ram Prasad Sir.

A. Magesh