MIOT International Raises Public Awareness on to prevent, diagnose and correct various conditions of the heart diseases before permanent damage sets in

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MIOT International Raises Public Awareness on to prevent, diagnose and correct various conditions of the heart diseases before permanent damage sets in

27th Jul 2015

Background Note

Heart disease does not differentiate between gender , age, income, place of residence (It is more prevalent in men , but women are fast catching up; The growth is highest in the younger age group 25-40 yrs.; The incidence is higher in urban India, but fast growing in rural India as well.)

Main causes for growth in disease in India:

1. Sweeping changes in lifestyle
2. Lack of awareness about the heart & risk factors associated
3. Resistance to behavioural change

Our awareness on Heart disease is limited to Heart attacks, whereas Heart disease can affect any part of the heart and cause permanent damage: Valves, Electrical circuits, Blood vessels & Cardiac Muscle

There are approximately 60 different types of heart diseases. Some of these diseases have causes that can be modified (mostly lifestyle related) while others are caused by unmodifiable factors (geneticcauses).

All heart diseases progress over time. If left untreated they can damage the heart permanently, causing sudden death or reducing quality of life drastically. Today Medical advances through Interventional Cardiology allows for DETECTION, PREVENTION & CORRECTION of all Heart Diseases before permanent damage sets in – provided they are done at the RIGHT centre .

The MIOT Centre for Interventional Cardiology

Removes the Trauma from Cardiac Care with advanced interventional procedures

Cardiac care most of the time, addresses the immediate problem, allowing the patient to return to a ‘carefully controlled ‘life. However the restrictions imposed on lifestyle and activity, reduces the condition of the patient to ‘mereexistence’ that takes away the joy of living.

The MIOT Centre for Interventional Cardiology focuses on providing patient friendly solutions that treat heart disease completely and protect the patient’s long term quality of life.

Given this objective the Centre is led by a team of Super specialists who offer specialist care for every condition of the heart: Coronary disease, Valve problems, Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) and Heart Failure.

This dedicated team of experts work together, using the latest procedures, devices and drugs to INTERVENE, DETECT, PREVENT & CORRECT all conditions related to the heart – at all stages of a particular disease.

It offers comprehensive and state of the art imaging facilities, a sophisticated Laboratory and Electrophysiology Lab for accurate and fast diagnosis of all cardiac conditions.

It uses sophisticated tools that confirm accuracy of both – diagnosis of disease and course of treatment, prior to the start of treatment. This avoids unnecessary treatment of patients, reduces overall costs & safeguards the patient’s long term quality of life.

Specialists combine procedures and techniques innovatively to personalize treatments for patients. This not only returns them to normal life but also gives them solutions that work long term.

It is the only centre in the country which has an exclusive Dept. for Percutaneous Valves (without open surgery) in adults and Children. This focused, specialist care at MIOT International provided under international protocols in world class environments assures patients that they are in expert hands.

MIOT’s Initiative to Flag off Early Heart Care

Studies have shown that 90 percent of heart disease cases are completely preventable by modifying diet and lifestyle factors while healthy lifestyle habits could prevent nearly 80 percent of first-time heart attacks in men.

MIOT International has always exhorted the Public to take a pro active role in their heath to prevent or minimize illness in the future.
Proactive Heart care can only start once you know the actual condition of the Heart. The Get a MIOT Status Update on your Heart Initiative gives people of Chennai an opportunity to get their heart completely and accurately assessed through experienced Interventional Cardiologists.

Their expert Assessment based on test results, lifestyles and risk factors will put participants on the path to good heart health through lifestyle and diet changes or a small intervention that could prevent a major problem later.

The Initiative will be supported through Awareness exhibitions and focused activity among select high risk target groups.