MIOT International Raises Public Awareness on Liver care with 2 unique Initiatives

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MIOT International Raises Public Awareness on Liver care with 2 unique Initiatives

06th Jun 2015


Increase in disposable incomes (specifically in younger age groups) and fast changing social norms have brought about a huge change in the way we live .This has led to increased consumption of alcohol and fatty foods and growth of sedentary lifestyles across gender and age groups . These changes are playing havoc on the liver, leading to increased liver disease. In fact it is the primary cause for the affected age group getting younger.

Other risk factors include Diabetes and Hepatitis B&C.

Today Liver disease affects one in every five Indians. We are expected to be world’s capital for liver diseases by 2025.

There is poor awareness on the most important fact that the Liver works silently without any symptoms – even when 90% damaged. Left undiagnosed and untreated liver disease progresses silently to an advanced stage where a Liver Transplant is the only route to survival.

Lack of quality Transplant centres with required expertise and infrastructure, Insufficient donors and most importantly the high cost of a liver transplant (on an average 30-35 lakhs) makes surviving advanced stage liver disease a difficult task for the average Indian.

The Solution to this problem that will undoubtedly affect Indians on a massive scale therefore lies in ‘not progressing to the advanced stage’.

Low awareness on liver disease and poor understanding of liver behaviour among the masses stops them from staying within the ‘safe zone’ (Medical experts say that more than 90% of patients who come for treatment, are unaware that they even have liver disease !)

Initiative 1 – The MIOT Liver GYM

MIOT International continues its role of exhorting the public to play a proactive role in shifting to healthier lives.

It is clear today that surviving advanced stage liver disease is going to be a difficult task for the average Indian, given the deterrents for a transplant to happen.

The Solution to this problem that will undoubtedly affect Indians on a massive scale therefore lies in ‘not progressing to the advanced stage’

Backed by the vast reserves of expertise available within, MIOT International launches MIOT Liver Gym today, a unique platform that focuses on ‘Reversing Liver Damage’ among the masses. It is an interactive, friendly helpline, available online and at MIOT International which can be used to clear fears, seek treatments and retrace your path to a healthier liver.

It will be implemented through a combination of Awareness building events and by offering customized Liver Fitness Plans by MIOT specialists. The MIOT Liver Fitness Plans are based on the fact that your liver is the only organ that can regenerate and regain complete fitness, given time and care.

The Liver Fitness Plan from MIOT Liver Gym is a wholistic Plan charted by MIOT specialists after an expert analysis of your liver health and your exposure to risk factors. It will include life style changes, correction across risk factors through medical support, if necessary and advice on maintenance.

As part of its Inaugural efforts, MIOT International offered all registered participants a Free Liver Checkup worth Rs 6000/- inclusive of evaluation tests, specialist’s sessions & customized Liver Fitness Plans. Nearly 250 patients were benefitted registering for free liver check-up in which abnormal liver, diabetes, hepatitis B were reported.

Initiative 2 – MIOT raises the bar in Liver Transplant standards. Informs patients and caregivers of the factors that determine liver transplant outcomes.

A Liver Transplant is the most complex medical procedure today.

It is also among the most expensive procedures.

There are a few centres in India that have the necessary expertise and infrastructure to perform a successful transplant surgery.

However it is the long term survival of the patient and his quality of life after the transplant that is a true measure of success for a liver transplant. This is determined by the quality of the donor liver that is chosen by the Transplant Centre.

Currently there are no commitments from any Centre in this regard.

Today MIOT International proudly commits to providing a donor organ that matches international standards to all patients who choose to do their transplant under the MIOT Gold Standard Liver Transplant Programme.

MIOT International also guarantees the Gold Standard at all other stages of the Transplant which includes:

– Accuracy in assessment and staging to projection of outcomes, before the Transplant

– Providing an optimum surgery & recovery environment led by world renowned specialists

– Maintaining complete transparency regarding patient’s condition in all its interaction with patients and

caregivers at all stages.

– Maintaining the dignity of the Patient at all times

Today MIOT offers a 90% success rate in the most complicated of transplant cases.