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MIOT Hospitals launches "MIOT Institute of Cancer Cure" - addressing the lacunae in existing cancer care by bringing all cancer diagnostics to treatments under ONE roof

21st Jul 2012

MIOT’s New Approach to Cancer makes Cancer Cure ‘MISSION POSSIBLE’

  • Cancer is a battle that can be fought successfully TODAY, if there is early and correct DIAGNOSIS.
  • However Cancer is also a battle which has to be fought on MULTIPLE fronts and SIMULTANEOUSLY with expertise in EVERY area.
  • In Cancer today, the Laboratory has become the source for new advances every
There are very few Centers in India who bring all of this together with high standards. This has led to Patients running from Pillar to post in search of diagnosis , treatments and a compassionate environment , so essential for patients and caregivers of this painful disease

The MIOT Institute for Cancer Cure addresses the lacunae in existing cancer care by bringing under ONE roof:

  • State of the art Diagnostic equipment and a 24 x 7 World class Laboratory that gives fast, accurate and definite diagnosis.
  • ALL modes of Cancer Therapies and Treatments .
  • The latest medical technologies for Treatments and Therapies
  • A combined approach of a Full time Expert Cancer fighting Team (Oncologists and Specialists from other specialties’) that can treat cancer in ANY organ
  • The World’s most advanced Radiotherapy machine – the TrueBeam
  • A Laboratory that specializes in Molecular diagnostics which helps Specialists ‘personalize’ medicines and treatment so that it is more effective
  • An ambience that is calm and peaceful , an approach that is confident and compassionate which gives patients peace of mind & dignity, so that they stay POSITIVE mentally
With ALL OF THIS working for the patient, it give patients the best possible chance. It also makes MIOT’s objective of Cancer Cure Mission Possible


  • “Cancer is curable”, states Prof. Dr. P.V.A. Mohandas, Managing Director MIOT Hospitals, “especially when it’s caught early”.
  • “MICC ‘s approach is to provide the best and latest weapons to fight shoulder to shoulder along with the patients to battle the disease.”
  • MIOT Institute for Cancer Cure (MICC) combines new technologies, new medications, new approaches and new advancesthe in cancer treatment with an expert cancer fighting team and TrueBeam next generation radiotherapy, to give cancer patients the best chance for a
  • To diagnose and grade cancers MIOT has one of the world’s best equipped Molecular Using a patient’s genetic markers the laboratory can even predict which chemotherapy drugs will be the most effective for him – ushering in a new era of ‘personalised medicine’.
  • MIOT was the first hospital in Asia pacific and only the third hospital in the world to commission Truly pathbreaking. TrueBeam offers faster, safer, more comfortable and more effective radiotherapy:
  • Truebeam can precision target and kill a tumour the size of a pinhead without radiating surrounding tissue
  • TrueBeam is specially designed to target tumours in moving organs like the lungs and liver
  • Truebeam is 4 times faster – treatment that would previously take an hour can now be delivered in minutes
  • As cancer usually needs multiple modes of treatment, every case is reviewed first by a Tumour Board. This consists of specialists in chemotherapy, radiotherapy and oncosurgery along with specialists in that area (like neurosugeons for brain cancer)
  • All types of cancer can be dealt with in house. MICC has set up a multispecialty Group with a 35member team to deal with brain cancer, head cancer, neck cancer, jaw cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, abdominal cancer, prostate cancer, intestinal cancer, skin cancer,
  • MICC’s medical oncology department uses the latest chemo delivery devices and new drugs, some of which can effectively target and kill certain cancer cells. Pre medication is used to control side
  • The focus of MIOT’s oncosurgery is to be less radical and preserve the organ while maintaining the same cure rates. This is possible with a combination of treatment modes (like using radiotherapy to shrink the tumour before surgery). The new approach will help patient’s retain quality of life.
  • MIOT’s cancer fighting team includes a holistic mix of trained oncologists, haematologists pathologists, technicians, onco nurses, nutritionists and social workers, both to treat the disease and support the patient
  • MICC’s advanced equipment include a sophisticated MRI, CT 750 High Definition Scan, State-of-the-art Digital Mammograph and the latest PET Scan
  • One of the biggest factors contributing to the cure of cancer is early diagnosis. MICC offers an affordable Cancer Screening
  • MICC is the second Specialty to be inaugurated in the World class MIOT International building. It’s spacious and pleasing interiors will provide cancer patients the much needed soothing atmosphere in which to

Backgrounder for Press Release

Incidence & Growth of Cancer in India

The National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP) initiated in 1982 shows that the incidence of Cancer in India is on the rise. The incidence of Breast cancer has increased by over 50% since 1965. In a WHO article in 2005, data revealed that India has one of the highest cancer rates in the world. The common cancer sites in males are lung, esophagus, stomach and larynx. In women, cancer of the cervix, breast, ovary are commonly encountered. Over 80,000 new cases of breast cancers are diagnosed annually. In a survey which included 200,000 patients with confirmed cancer, the incidence of gall bladder cancer in women in New Delhi was found to be 10.6 per 100,000 population – the world’s highest rate. Mizoram has the largest number of men with cancer of the pharynx and tongue (11.5 per 100,000 population).The incidence of mouth cancer in men in Pondicherry was 9 per 100,000 population, once again the highest in the world. The incidence of stomach cancer is very high in Chennai and Bangalore. Surveys have detected a “a belt of thyroid cancer “in women in coastal districts of Kerala, Karnataka and Goa.

The estimated number of new cancer cases in India per year is about 1 million. From a TOI article dated 28th March 2012, India officially recorded over half a million deaths due to cancer in 2011. UP recorded 89,224 deaths due to cancer, while Maharashtra saw 50,989 fatalities. The Union heath ministry says there are about 28 lakh cases of cancer at any given point of time in India, with 10 lakh new cases being reported annually. As per WHO statistics, the estimated cancer deaths in India are projected to increase to 7 lakh by 2015.

MIOT’s Response to a Lacuane in Cancer Care These are alarming statistics. Unfortunately, the country does not have adequate health care facilities for the prevention and cure of cancer. The MIOT Institute of Cancer Cure is a response to this need. The Center was conceptualised to provide state–of-the-art facilities for the people of our country and our International partners for the prevention and cure of cancer.

Currently the treatment of cancer in our country is fragmented. MIOT International’s latest initiative is to provide appropriate, holistic, personalised, patient centered management of cancer which can lead to a cure. Keeping in mind the need for patient comfort, the MIOT Institute of Cancer Cure is housed in a 12 storeyed state-of-the-art MIOT International building with a peaceful, ambience and all modern amenities for maximum patient comfort.