Thoracic and Cardiovascular Care

Valve repair (Mitral, Aortic, Tricuspid)

Repair of cardiac valves has immense benefits to a patient with diseased cardiac valves. The existing native tissue of the valve is used to correct the defect in the valve. When suitable native valve is used, its durability is the best when compared to artificial substitutes. One of the main advantages of a valve repair is that it eliminates the need for use of long term anticoagulant (blood thinner medicines). The use of anticoagulants results in the risk of developing neurological and other complications when consumed long term.

Hence valve repair is the preferred treatment, if the patient’s valve is suitable. At MIOT, we have a large experience with valve repair, having performed one of the largest numbers of valve repair in the country with excellent results.

Mitral valve repair

Leakage of mitral valve can be due to various causes, they may be because of a structural weakness in the valve or rheumatic heart disease pathology, where the valve gets thickened and rolled up. Mitral valve leak can also occur after a major heart attack. Repair of mitral valve is the best option for a patient as it eliminates anti-coagulation and results in good long term outcomes.

Rheumatic heart disease earlier, was thought to be not suitable for mitral valve repair. This is no longer the case. In recent times, mitral valve disease of rheumatic pathology, if found suitable can be repaired with good results. MIOT Hospital has a large series of rheumatic mitral repair with good results.

Aortic valve repair

Repair of aortic valve disease is a relatively new area of cardiac surgery. Cases found suitable for a repair benefit from the procedure, as is the case with mitral valves. Therefore the need for blood thinning medications are not required once this procedure is performed.

Tricuspid valve repair

The tricuspid valve is a right sided valve commonly affected by disease of the mitral valve, as a secondary effect of mitral valve disease. In few cases, the tricuspid valve may have isolated disease. Repair of the tricuspid valve is mainly performed by using an annuloplasty ring. This is a ring which is sutured to reshape the tricuspid valve to its original size and shape. Results of tricuspid valve repair by this technique has encouraging long term results. At MIOT, ring annuloplasty repair has been used for more than a decade.