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Rahamat Alla Hassan Saeed Babekir

26th Dec 2017

On June 17, 2015, my son Mohamed, 23 years old, had got a motor cycle accident where he had lost the bones of the left side of his head including his left eye and its orbit.

We spent two months in Sudan for medical treatment where all the broken bones and the left eye had been removed and he had been left with unprotected brain while his memory was completely lost.

On first week of September 2015, we received an offer from a well-known international hospital in India for conducting the plastic surgery at Bangalore where we accepted the offer and went there within short time, but unfortunately we spent more than three weeks in this hospital without any progress. They only conducted the investigations without any decision taken for further steps towards the plastic surgery or any medical treatment.

On Thursday, 24th of September 2015, while we are there in Bangalore, we received an offer from MIOT International Hospital administration through our Sudanese coordinator, Mr. Monjid and immediately we decided to go there and we had been in Chennai in the same day at 22:00 pm.

During Friday and Saturday 25 & 26th of September 2015, they finalized all the necessary investigations and stayed on Sunday as a holiday. On 28th of September the plastic surgery was done successfully by the intellectual physician, Dr. Visakan, by conducting a very big surgery operation which spent more than three hours to cover the brain by Titanium Mesh for protection of the brain as a first step forward of our medical treatment in MIOT Hospital. We spent about three weeks in the hospital for medical treatment and to insure the complete recovery of our patient. After that Dr. Visakan informed that he can’t conduct any further surgery operation because the muscles and all tissues are very soft and we have to go home and come after nine months.

We came back to MIOT Hospital after nine months and on the second day I had been told to see Dr. Visakan where he explained to me his plan regarding my son’s plastic surgery that he is going to take a small bone from the rib to fabricate the eye orbit, as he said, and the eye doctor will repair the damaged eye foundation from the interior soft tissues of the mouth and asked me to sign. I didn’t hesitate to sign immediately because it was already known to me he can do what he said.

The second plastic surgery was done successfully by Dr. Visakan and his team. We stayed in the hospital for more than one month for medical treatments and more confirmations for my patient complete recovery and then went home to come after three months for artificial eye installation which had been done in the planned date successfully also. Although the third plastic surgery of the artificial eye installation is an eye doctor job, but Dr. Visakan joined the team which indicated that he is really helpful doctor who always looking after his patients and gives them unlimited supports to be recovered in short time so as to enjoy their times well and healthy.

That is my experience with MIOT International Hospitals, mainly with Dr. Visakan, the man who I have never met a doctor like him. He is very intellectual and proficiently doctor. I’m really appreciating him for the high performance of his medical treatment and care towards my patient and towards me also, because he considered me just as a one of his colleagues and not co patient.

Finally, my thanks go to Dr. Visakan, Prof. Mohandas and also to the Hospital chairman and MIOT Hospitals administration mainly for Mr. Galal Hamid. My thanks also go to my Sudanese colleagues who are the co coordinators in the hospitals for their unlimited supports for us mainly my friend Mr. Monjid and his team.

Thank you very much and all the bests


Rahamat Alla Hassan Saeed Babekir