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Piroji and Vispi Mehta

30th Nov 2017

Good Morning Dr. Mohandas.

I was admitted into your hospital on the 20th November with an acute food allergy. There was very little information that I could convey to your staff as this was the first time this had happened to me in 72 years.

From the moment that I was brought in to the casualty, your entire team swung into action, with extreme care, and total professionalism, my wife who was with me was initially in a state of panic but when she saw the care I was given, she began to relax.

I was shifted to the ICU, where that care and understanding was clearly visible.

Unfortunately I do not remember the names of the Doctors, Nurses and staff that took care of me and possibly saved my life, my wife and myself would like to express our sincere thanks and congratulate you for giving the people of India such a fine hospital, backed by a very professional , but more important, caring staff.

I would also like to thank the lovely lady who heads the corporate client affairs for helping me to sort out all my billing procedure and waiting with us till we were driven back to the ITC Grand Chola.

The funny part was that the 21st was our 45th wedding anniversary and I spent the morning in the ICU with the nurse while my wife waited downstairs. Anyway that is a story we can tell our grandchildren.

You and your staff are doing a fine job and we thank you for that.

Kind Regards

Piroji and Vispi Mehta