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N S Ganesh

04th Nov 2015

I got discharged from MIOT yesterday afternoon after my TURP Surgery.Thanks a lot for all your help and support for making my stay a pleasant and comfortable one.  Normally no one writes back after returning from a surgery, but I thought I should place on record my sincere appreciation for all the support & courtesy I received during my stay in the hospital.

Mr. Jagan of the Insurance desk helped me get the insurance clearance in no time. This is my first experience with an insurance company and it was a pleasant experience, thanks to Mr. Jagan.

Thanks to Ms. Salomina, PRO, I got the room MI-425. The room was very comfortable and honestly looked like a star hotel accommodation. My first encounter was with Mr. Prabhu, the barber. He took me by surprise as he was neatly attired and spoke impeccable English. More importantly he did his job smilingly and I was amazed at his commitment to the job. Obviously he loved his job! What else can one ask for?

The entire nursing staff at MI-425 for all the 5 days I was there, were outstanding. They were well groomed, professional, efficient, passionate about their profession and empathetic. This is an ideal combination for a nurse but rarely one finds them even in most well established hospitals. These are the gems that go to make a hospital stay a pleasant one. My salutes to all of them.

The post operative ward nursing staff, though extremely busy, were kind, courteous and always at your side in times of need. They were very efficient and empathetic too. One sister Punitha attended on me like her own father.

The entire medical and non-medical staff at the urology department were most helpful and cooperative, so much so that I felt at home there! The doctors are so busy and despite that they have taken very good care of me. I extend my special thanks to Dr. Lakhsmanan for being there almost all the time.

Thanks again for all the support you personally rendered in getting all the accounts settled and getting me discharged on time. Usually, no one would want to come back to a hospital. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I am looking forward to coming back to MIOT for my nephrectomy surgery 2-3 months down the line. Take care.

Warm Regards,
N S Ganesh