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10th Feb 2018

The Chairman,
MIOT International

I am Ahmed’s father from Tanzania Zanzibar. My son and I arrived in MIOT Hospital on 28th day of January 2018 at 9.00 am. Basing on the highest degree of treatment and management that rightly commenced when we took off in Chennai airport, and during our all stay, unless we express a set of complement to your esteem hospital, we feel confined ourselves in a sealed cage.

Our sincerely appreciation is conveyed to the hospital management for convergence of specialists in all fields of medicine. It is ideally and practically implants hopes to all patients and their relatives. This however rests on the base of staff commitments and better working arrangement that resulting to effective, timely and proper diagnosis.

We direct our profound gratitude to all staff members in MIOT hospital for their cooperation with us, we faced no difficult in the course of their services. Whenever we sought any assistance, they warmly supported and guided us with a clean heart. Professionally they are care givers, and in fact we have been enjoying their language of care.

Personally we mention the names of Dr. Shanmuganandhan (Rheumatologist), Dr. Mahesh Karthik and Dr. Kalai (Orthopaedists) for their physical, medical, ethical and psychological treatment, it leads us remaining under the honest belief that health status of Ahmed shall be restored in next to no time. In this regard they deserve worthy of credit.

Exceptional merits are directed to a team of nurse under the supervision of Ms. Shobana for their tired less management in the day and night. Few on behalf others are Kavya, Sherly Selvaraj, Kalpana Vignesh, Sangeetha, Deepa, Devika, Babitha, Sharmila and Anita. They collectively hold MIOT Slogan “PUTTING PATIENTS FIRST “into a real practice for their hospitality and valuable services.

It is undisputable fact witnessed in our overt eyes that MIOT Hospital is more than the best resort for all medical solutions in the world.
We wish you all the best.

Yours affectionately,
(Ahmed’s Father)