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Mrs. Vimalaramani

03rd Oct 2016

Respected Mrs. Mallika Mohandas,

Ten years back my left knee replacement surgery was done by Dr Barry. When I met him again after a decade he still remembered me. That was a great moment in my life. Such is the tradition in your institution, which makes us to be always with you.

When I visited again last week, on 26th September, with a constant pain in my right shoulder, I met Dr. Mohandas. It was an immense relief to me and felt that at last I will be permanently cured. Personally, he is a living legend for me. After examining me, he sent me to Dr. Ram Chidambaram. He said that Dr. Ram is a specialist in shoulder ailments.

On 27th September, I underwent Arthroscopy of my right shoulder. I thank Dr. Ram for his kindness in putting me at peace and comfort before the surgery. He had in fact personally informed our only daughter who is in US about the successful completion of the operation.

The constant care taken in the postoperative ward even to the extent of attending to my urinary requirements throughout the night with patience is remarkable. The constant attendance by the doctors and the care givers in the room is excellent. I must mention the importance given to the exercise regimen by Dr. Shail and  physiotherapist Ms. Vandana in seeing to it that I do them in the order and also correctly.

I must thank Ms. Asifa (PRO), who coordinated with all the departments for all our requirements with a smiling face.  Mr. Suresh of the Insurance department had done an excellent job in getting the sanction required promptly.

Finally, I really appreciate the discipline you have established but implemented with kindness and understanding.

God bless you, Dr. Mohandas and your family,

Mrs. Vimalaramani