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Mervin John

19th Jan 2015

God’s awesomeness – praising him in the storm

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm.”

– Bible verse from the book of Psalms, chapter 20, verses 7 and 8

Greetings all,

One of the most interesting things about the Bible is how certain verses spring to life depending on the setting you are in and what\’s happening around you at the time.

The verse quoted above is one such example. I have come across it many timesin the past, but never has it spoken to me as much as it has over the last three months and it continues to hold true and strong even now as I write this email.

I’ve been in Chennai since Sept 14th – a week after my mom underwent a successful liver transplant. I haven’t had the chance to share news of my departure and all the progress here with a lot of you so thought it best to send an email to keep everyone informed.

Mom’s surgery took place on the 7th of September and every day since has been a gift. We have been witnessing God’s awesomeness each day throughout mom’s recovery process. Coming here, I thought the most amazing thing that could happen was seeing mom getting back to her normal life – which I did.

But realistically speaking, I think what has amazed me the most is her unwavering faith and trust in the Lord both before and after the surgery. Most of us have read the verse in the Bible where Jesus says, ‘.your faith has healed you’ – I saw it take place in real life. Faith and prayer were the never ending source of the following in these times:

Peace of mind and assurance – throughout the time mom was in Chennai. For such a major surgery there was peace that we all found solace in.
Clarity – when a decision to undergo surgery was required and uncertainty and risk loomed large, God provided our family with the much needed clarity which came bundled with calm. It was as though he said ‘be atpeace, I am with you’
Fast forward to a few months later and we are back in Kerala. In a mere 80 days post-surgery, mom was running around the house as if she had put it allbehind her. She was going for regular walks and making me a cup of tea in the evening along with hers. And I thought to myself at the time that victory was surely ours while the battle belonged to our Lord.

In all of this I know we are not alone. Not so long as we serve a livingLord and Savior.

He has been a provider, shelter, healer and redeemer throughout all of this.

Mom was able to get a donor for her transplant on time and without any delaythat would cause her physical condition and well-being to deteriorate. She got called twice in the span of two months and even though the logistics wouldn\’t make it possible to go the first time around, God made the second

call happen. That in itself was a huge blessing as the right match was critical and it was what everything that was to follow hinged on. God was preparing us for his time. In a city completely foreign to us (Chennai), Godused his people to take care of all our needs. We found care and support inthe hands of a highly qualified and competent team at MIOT and a physician who too was a man of God. Through one home and avenue he led us to everything we needed at every juncture. Mom was able to recover in a good clean home in Chennai where we got plenty of support physically, emotionallyand spiritually. We had a church and believers praying for us round the clock. Mom\’s healing and recovery was a great success. I noticed that Mom never showed signs of fear or doubt. She always told me that she knew Jesus was holding her hand – even when she was being wheeled into the OT for her surgery.

Everything discussed about God’s awesomeness will hold once again and we will reflect on the great things he has done for us even in times like this.

This time again, we will be patient, persevere, endure and march in the risen Lord\’s name because this is what we do.

what we do.


Mervin John,

Son of Liver Transplant Recipient, MIOT International, Chennai,

Toronto, Canada