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K. Mohamed Ansar

12th May 2015


Respected Dr.Robert Coelho / Dr.Sangeetha Viswanathan.
MIOT Hospitals

Respected Dr. Sirs….

I, K.Mohamed Ansar who had been got new life by you, writing this letter with thanks and with no words to express my thanks. (I had got heart surgery done by you on 22nd Apr’15)

Myself and my family are grateful to you forever . I am now fine and good.
May Almighty furnish his blessing to you and family at all time and Almighty is with you all at all time.

I also register my sincere thanks to Dr.Sangeetha Viswanathan & team, who have been so kind and did all required diagnosis on time and given confident for recovery.
Once again I register my sincere thanks for all your noble services.

I also thanks to your team, and ICU & Pediatric C4 Nurses who have been kind to all patient with their sincere services in time. And also thanks to Company Help Desk incharge Ms.Hebsica Madam with her timely help.

Also I thank one and all for their services.

I also thank the management and all team for their noble services.

Thanking you
With due respect
K.Mohamed Ansar